Photovoltaic and solar thermal systems
dst solar is an engineering company that specialises in power generation from a renewable source: solar energy.

We possess the necessary skills and extensive experience in the design and installation of photovoltaic and solar thermal systems.

We design and install photovoltaic systems for several purposes: production of electricity to be sold to the grid; production of electricity for self-consumption and sale of surplus power to the grid; and production of electricity for self-consumption in homes not connected to the grid. We are also highly skilled in the design and installation of large solar farms.

We design and install solar thermal systems that will use solar power to heat household water. We follow a multidisciplinary approach and use different technologies to find the perfect solution for your needs.

We view each project as a unique challenge and do our utmost to find the best solution for every customer. 

Photovoltaic systems absorb and directly convert sunlight into electricity, allowing power to be generated efficiently, near the location where it will be consumed.
Solar thermal systems use solar energy to generate thermal energy, which is used to heat household water. These systems represent the easiest, most efficient and least costly option for producing hot water for your home. After being heated, water is stored in a buffer tank, which keeps its temperature constant until it is consumed.